CES: Land of cables, tricked-out rides and home theaters…

Posted by on January 5, 2006 at 3:30 pm.

Well, 2006 International CES has kicked off and executives from 64+ Florida companies are glad-handing, beaming business cards and generally playing with stuff in Las Vegas. Not only is Florida well represented with boothage, but a good number of local companies are out there with partners/customers and demo suites — for example, WiDeFi has a full slate of suite meetings without manning a booth.

For fun, I did a quick review of Florida’s listed presenters and the list is included below. For a guy who loves high-tech with proprietary HW/SW, I was a bit surprised by how many people are there selling cables, car audio and home theaters — not that there’s anything wrong with that. On the kewl gizmo front, EdgeTech’s PocketSurfer and Video Without Boundaries’ FlyBoy both look worth a pickup and play. ChannelIntelligence, Intellon, WiDeFi, Authentec and a few others are on the venture track and hopefully CES will bring even more customers/partners. Here’s hoping all Florida attendees win big out in Las Vegas…

FL booths:

1. AAMP of America/Stinger North Hall/5218
2. Acoustic Systems Int’l. Alexis Park/AP1614, Alexis Park/AP2253, Alexis Park/AP2255
3. Advanced Global Tech.Central Hall/9817
4. Allegro Multimedia Inc.Sands/72064
5. Apature ProductsSouth Hall 1/21725
6. Ascendo LoudspeakersAlexis Park/AP2253, Alexis Park/AP2255
7. AudiopipeNorth Hall/6038
8. AuthenTecSands/72436, Sands/72436M
9. Avatar AcousticsAlexis Park/AP1614, Alexis Park/AP2063, Alexis Park/AP2253
10. BCA Int’l Corp.South Hall 4/35120
11. Carry-a-Tune TechnologiesSands/IP209
12. Channel Intelligence Inc.South Hall 4/35565, South Hall 4/35965, South Hall 4/35975, South Hall 4/36171
13. Cinema Design Group International South Hall 2/25705
14. CYA USA LLCSouth Hall 4/35857
15. DH LabsAlexis Park/AP1805, Alexis Park/AP1806
16. Digital Antenna Inc.South Hall 4/35438
17. Digital CraftSands/IP218
18. Digital Frames Inc.Sands/IP228
19. Dual Electronics Corp.Hilton Suites/HP380, North Hall/5628
20. Echostar Distribution GroupCentral Hall/7763
21. EdgeTech, Inc.Sands/70931
22. Ethereal Home TheaterSouth Hall 1/21214
23. Excalibur Electronics Inc.South Hall 3/31242
24. Film Technologies Int’lNorth Hall/6630
25. Galileo VisionsSouth Hall 4/35309
26. GNJ ManufacturingSands/70667
27. Gold Effects/Lifetime Gold LLCNorth Hall/400
28. Gotta Have it Golf/Millionaire GallerySands/71819
29. IASCANorth Hall/531
30. Information Management NetworksSands/71235
31. Intellon Corp.Hilton Suites/HE5100, South Hall 3/31850
32. InterBuy Cellular Corp.South Hall 4/35434
33. Into TomorrowSands/72838
34. Jabil Circuit Inc.Sands/70065, Sands/70268, Sands/70269
35. JL Audio Inc.North Hall/621
36. JTINorth Hall/3217
37. Karan AcousticsAlexis Park/AP2253
38. Kingwebmaster, LLCSouth Hall 4/35537
39. KYE Sys. Corp.Las Vegas Hilton/54065
40. Liteglow Industries Inc.North Hall/813
41. Marvol USA Corp.South Hall 4/36805
42. Memcorp Inc.Meeting Room/C204
43. Metra Electronics Inc.North Hall/3406
44. MMATS Professional AudioNorth Hall/2618
45. MOBO USASouth Hall 4/35440
46. Next Generation Home ProductsSouth Hall 2/26737
47. Phase Technology Corp.South Hall 1/20515, South Hall 1/20515D
48. Pixys USASands/71830
49. Select ProductsNorth Hall/1027
50. Sevic SystemsNorth Hall/4430
51. SIM2 USA Inc.Hilton Suites/H2910
52. Someco America Corp.Central Hall/15438
53. Sound Connections Int’l Inc.Alexis Park/AP1511
54. StereovoxAlexis Park/AP1607
55. Straight WireSouth Hall 2/25108
56. Synergon Solutions Inc.Sands/72160
57. TAW Inc.South Hall 1/20466
58. TRCSouth Hall 4/35748
59. Tyler Retail SystemsCentral Hall/8938
60. Video Without BoundariesSands/IP240
61. Vivo PhoneSands/71837D
62. Voice FactorSands/71055
63. Vutec Corp.South Hall 1/21266
64. WireworldSouth Hall 1/20456

If you’re at CES, stop by and say hi to some of your neighbors!

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