No-BS Venture Thoughts for No-BS Entrepreneurs

Posted by on March 7, 2006 at 2:59 pm.

OK, so nobody take it personally. Given that one of my goals with FVB was to add some non-Boston/Silicon valley balance to the VC blogosphere, I’ve adopted the tagline “No-BS Venture Thoughts for No-BS Entrepreneurs.” It’s a double entendre intended to quickly differentiate what you’ll find here and as a nod to my favorite entrepreneurs — the ones who know how to cut through the noise and build great businesses no matter where they’ve chosen to live and raise their families.

I’ve been lucky enough to build funds in the two largest venture networks focused on non-traditional venture markets (DFJ and VV). I grew up in the Draper system learning its Silicon valley (S) style and now manage a fund in the Village network with its Bain/Highland roots in Boston (B). However, all three of my funds have been in no-BS regions where great technology/entrepreneurs (“smart people”) outnumbered quality institutional funds (“smart money”). Many of the VC/entrepreneur lessons are the same everywhere, but I’ve learned there are some unique problems/opportunities in no-BS regions and hope to share some of that experience here.

So, I’ll try to keep the BS to a minimum and welcome questions/comments from those “smart people” building companies where “smart money” is in short supply…

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