Your Face, My Blog, What a Concept

Posted by on June 2, 2006 at 6:11 am.

With all the primary hype about Social Networks, and the secondary gripe about their transient nature, I’ve been waiting for an approach that infiltrates the whole net instead of the next hip domain like Friendster, FaceBook, MySpace, [insert next kewl name here]…

Imagine social networks you never leave and are with you throughout your surfing experience, showing friends that bought the same webcam you’re researching, visiting the same travel destination sites you’re using to plan a trip, or just hanging out at the same blogs you do. Although I see potential for a client-based (remember ThirdVoice) uber-social network that delivers a social network layer on top of everything you visit, the first logical step from site-based approaches is integrating code/APIs across popular sites. I think we’ll see more of this in the next generation of social network mashups, but early javascript approaches are already appearing.

Take MyBlogLog Communities for example, which launched beta in the last month or so. You can see my “Recent Readers” table on the left that shows community members who surfed by recently. If your picture isn’t in that table, you need to click and get with the program. This community overlay to blogging is overdue and should provide some cool new ways to explore the blogosphere. I’ve already found some interesting sites just by learning other blog communities my readers have joined. As this grows, I could see even smarter tables that filter based upon readers in your personal network — making interacting at a blog more personal and meaningful than just ranting to the world.

Then, if that personal network started showing up on other sites, not just blogs, I’d have a platform for more surfing value. If I was researching trips to Italy and saw that a friend was doing the same, I’ve got an immediate resource to compare notes with. Heck, if I was about to buy a car and saw that a few local friends were considering the same purchase, we might be able to leverage some buying power.

As usual, the possibilities are endless. It’s simply a matter of programming (and site adoption), right?

Anyway, check out MyBlogLog, signup for their Communities beta and if you’ve got your own blog try out their link tracking services.

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