If Michael Jordan and Howard Stern can do it…

Posted by on July 10, 2006 at 11:27 am.

And now a word from our sponsor, literally — I mean this post will contribute $10 to pay my hosting fees.

The era of celebrity endorsements has arrived for bloggers — or at least gotten a whole lot easier. No, I’m not saying that Nike just backed a truck up to my house with shoes my size and color; rather, Pay Per Post (PPP) is here with a mass-market simplicity/scale.

With www.PayPerPost.com, Maitland, FL-based MindComet has created a platform to connect advertisers and bloggers who will blog for cash. BusinessWeek’s article “Polluting the Blogosphere” hasn’t even hit the shelves yet and already the keyboards are buzzing about this new platform.

Not all the buzz is good buzz, but when is it ever. With controversial platforms, there is often a middle-ground that addresses major concerns while retaining disruptive potential. If the founders listen and learn, there are a lot of free focus groups sharing their opinions about the best/worst angles of PPP.

Will June 30, 2006, be as important as February 21, 1998 when GoTo.com started, god forbid, “selling positions” in their search results — launching the Pay Per Click (PPC) monster? Here’s a snippet from BusinessWeek’s 1999 article reviewing GoTo’s model:

“GoTo.com is one of the Web’s stranger ideas. It sells its listings, and how high a site ranks depends on how much the owner is willing to pay for each visitor. The payment is clearly displayed with the search results, which can be odd. The top response to my Sony query was online auctioneer WebAuction.com, which sells some Sony products. The site paid 29 cents for my visit, but listed no Sony products on the page it gave me. Sony’s own site, which didn’t pay, ranked 14th. GoTo seems to be getting payment mainly from sites that want to latch on to a popular name, a formula that doesn’t work well.

Except for GoTo, all of these services are useful tools in the hunt for information on the Web.”

I don’t know if these local guys have something that will stick or if they know how to build a platform company, but if the buzz is any measure — they’re on to something.

As for FVB, this posting is really just a test of the PayPerPost service. I don’t expect FVB to go commercial beyond trying/learning new technologies on the site, and I’ll continue to highlight when my posts have a potential for conflict — right after I finish this ice cold Coca-Cola…

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