The IOS That Takes a Village

Posted by on July 20, 2006 at 12:45 pm.

I’ve blogged before about the coming Internet Operating System (IOS) and about Mashups, but it’s all one big ball of goo. Christine has a nice series of posts from Mashup Camp 2, and many of the session titles remind me of early Windows-OS/2 developer conferences I participated in. Whether we’re talking about (de)centralized access control, security or even display systems (think maps), it’s the OS problems being played out on a net scale. However, this time we’ve got 100 companies prototyping on-the-fly instead of one or two companies working on OS APIs that developers will embrace.

Therefore, those of you looking for your play in the mashup sphere, I’d recommend reviewing OS subsystems and focus on a chunk of direct or middleware functionality to build faster/better than others. In particular, I see opportunity for interface simplicity/abstraction on top of the multiple distinct ones being offered by specific vertical web properties.

Anyway, check out Christine’s summaries and good luck…

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