B-L-O-G Your Way to Transparency with DisclosurePolicy.org

Posted by on October 29, 2006 at 10:34 pm.

One of my portfolio companies, PayPerPost, launched DisclosurePolicy.org today and I just posted the following at blog.DisclosurePolicy.org. The topic of transparency is much larger than PayPerPost, but I’m glad they took the initiative to create long-term solutions instead of band-aids that could hamper CGM long-term. The site offers a Disclosure Policy generator, transparency best practices, model DPs, DP.org badges and forums to discuss the entire spectrum of transparency. The forums even include some fun “DP Hunts” where you can try to find the Disclosure Policies of the ‘rich & famous’ bloggers — I’m stumped. 😉

If you write a blog, head over to DisclosurePolicy.org, get yourself a DP and B-L-O-G your way to transparency…

[from blog.disclosurepolicy.org]

Welcome to DisclosurePolicy.org, the ‘big bang’ of various forces created to maximize transparency across our ever-expanding Consumer Generated Media universe. At launch, the site doesn’t have all the answers to transparency, but we hope it has some and focuses discussion on the rest.

In concert with the resources provided here, I’d like to share an easy 4-step approach (B-L-O-G) to embracing transparency and diversity of opinion across CGM. Although I reference ‘blogs’ for simplicity, this approach applies to all CGM properties whether they involve text, video, audio, photos or social networks. Here’s all it takes:

Build a clear Disclosure Policy that matches the goals, nature and audience of your blog — built at DisclosurePolicy.org or by hand.
Link to that Discosure Policy with the phrase “Disclosure Policy” in some standard place (e.g. top, sidebar, bottom) from every page of your blog.
Open your eyes and mind to the fact that people blog for different reasons, from different cultures and for different audiences — thus, what works for you may not work for others.
Go forth and blog, in a manner consistent with your Disclosure Policy.

If you follow these four simple B-L-O-G steps, you’ve given every existing or new visitor to your blog the opportunity to know a little more about you and the ground rules of your blog. With that knowledge they are free to stay or leave, and you are free to blog with pride that you have helped take CGM to a level of transparency beyond any other media.

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