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Posted by on October 15, 2006 at 5:36 pm.

Given that Ted spilled the beans about my secret PayPerPostBlueMonster puzzle piece, I guess it’s time to share. For those of you not already following this puzzle, here’s the deal:

As if announcing funding from Inflexion and friends wasn’t enough, PPP has more good news to share and are doing it in their usual fun, guerilla, viral style. The ‘Blue Monster’ announcement has been cut into multiple puzzle pieces, spread across the blogosphere (or the net as a whole). The first Postie (free to join here) to find all the pieces, re-assemble them and post the solution will win a cool $500. Yes, it’s that simple…or is it. The blogosphere is a big place — the phrase “PayPerPostBlueMonster” should help your hunt.

So, here’s piece #95:

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10-15-06 UPDATE: This post has been dugg and you might want to check out the first comment there by bluemonster96. As always, if you think others would appreciate this post, feel free to digg it here or there!

10-21-06 UPDATE: You thought the last update was juicy, but check this out. There is a treasure trove of puzzle pieces spread across a few of my blog-related properties. I apologize in advance for them being RANDOM (not numbered), but that’s how a little birdie dropped them off. To find this treasure trove you might want to check for posts at Galt’s Gulch blog (reply when u visit), check for messages at Florida Venture Blog community (join when u visit), and recheck the comments of this digg (digg when u visit). I’d give you the hyperlinks, but the final push needs a little challenge, right 😉

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