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Posted by on April 26, 2007 at 7:35 am.

I ran a small contest over a couple days last week via PayPerPost. Basically, I shared that there are more interesting ideas on the net than any one guy can keep track of. I challenged Posties to “Be the VC” and blog about the most interesting or promising online companies they’ve encountered recently. Think TechCrunch, but much smaller, diversified, and distributed.

I promised to PayPal $20 to my favorite post, but I left the criteria pretty open. I was roughly looking for 1) most interesting new finds and 2) general quality of the post/blog. The incentive and budget on this opp was modest so I appreciate all of the participating Posties, but I’d like to recognize 4 of my favorites here, including the winner.

Hmmm at uncovered (free directory assistance) and (MySpace/Virb/Vox) . Both were interesting and the blog had a nice clean look.

Would you like to be a Venture Capitalist (for a day, that is)? at uncovered Fliptrack (video/audio editing) and provided some nice examples in the post and comments.

Be the VC at shared multiple ideas for leveraging SecondLife. Although raw ideas weren’t exactly what I was looking for, I wanted to recognize the length and depth of Kevin’s post, integrating images and video. I like the SecondLife banking possibilities, but Kevin’s comment about low daily concurrent users (only 19K-36K?) is a concern.

It was a squeaker, but my favorite post was Who Deserves Venture Capital? at by Eve Lester. Although I didn’t really understand what was all about, I was intrigued by Eve’s first tip: I’ve spoken to a few entrepreneurs who are leveraging video tutorial sites for vertical opportunities (recruiting, medical etc.), but there is room for one or two catch-all sites as well. I’ve embedded an example of what you might find at Tubetorial — they need some easy embed tools and a broader set of tutorial topics. This one’s called “Be the Master of Your Own Domain”

Flash video — 5:51 run time

Video isn’t as good as text for snippets of info, but can be great for detailed how-to. I also thought Eve’s blog design had a good balance of aesthetics and information — most designs are heavy on one of those two areas.

Thanks everyone for playing via PayPerPost and congrats Eve, I’ve got $20 waiting for your PayPal address — don’t spend it all in one place 😉

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