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Posted by on July 11, 2007 at 8:21 am.

My Google Custom Search experiment focused on solving an ongoing problem I’ve had following the Gators. When the Gator’s stomped the Buckeyes in football, I wanted to read about it over and over again. When the Best TEAM Ever was deciding about the NBA, I was scrambling for every possible angle. When Billy D broke my heart and then stitched it back together, I needed up to the minute updates.

I wanted something more intimate and personal than ESPN or CNN. Each time I jumped from Google, to Technorati, to Bloglines, to Digg and everything in between. What a waste of time.

The Gator Nation can do better, so I created the Gator Search Engine you see below. It includes official Gator sites, unofficial Gator sites, blogs about the Gators and blogs written by Gators.

Search the Gator Nation

Add to Google

In creating the Gator Search Engine, I also compiled The ChompRoll — a Gator blogroll of all the sites included in the search engine. I know I missed some good Gator sites so please recommend others in the comments to this post and I’ll add them. I’m looking for sites that cover the Gators or are written by Gators. It doesn’t have to be sports-related — for example, some of the sites I’ve included stem from UF’s growing startup and venture network.

The ChompRoll

Whether you’re a Gator nut or not, I hope you find something of interest via the Gator Search Engine and ChompRoll. Help me make them better…

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