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Posted by on September 12, 2007 at 10:02 am.

I’ve gotten to know Rand Fishkin a little bit and I’m impressed with his evolution of SEOmoz. The site looks very different than when I first found SEOmoz, bursting with search engine nuggets, entertaining blog posts, SEO tools and premium content — all within an elegant design.

I’m no SEO expert so I won’t claim Rand’s intel is any better than others, but he’s got plenty of it. So much good stuff, in fact, that even his Premium Member signups are growing quickly — in a world overflowing with free “SEO expert” advice, that’s an impressive feat.

I haven’t blogged about SEOmoz before, but their 75-question seoquiz caught my attention today (kudos to Jeff Pollard & Scott Willoughby who put it together). It is both entertaining and informative for beginner and expert SEO topics — particularly post-test when correct answers are explained. Here was my seoquiz result:

I’m surprised I got a 73% on the quiz, SEO Professional, and missed SEO Master by just a couple bone-head answers — as I said, I’m no SEO guru. If you try it out, let me know how you do…

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  • San Diego Web Designer says:

    Unfortunately the site / test results / score no longer resolves and computes the results, at least in firefox, cause I tried it twice in Mozilla. Haven't tried in internet explorer, but it wasn't working a few weeks ago

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