Where’s Dan Now?

Posted by on September 18, 2007 at 2:55 pm.

It’s gotten to be a running joke among family and friends. Because Florida has great entrepreneurs spread across hotspots around the state, any given day can find me in Orlando, Ft Myers, Boca, Melbourne, Tampa, Miami, Gainesville or anywhere in between.

I’ve seen the exciting and the mundane from my traveling office (AKA car). While buying gas today (yes, I do that ALOT), I realized my varied destinations are fertile ground for interesting blog pix.

Thus, I present the first installment of “Where’s Dan Now?” Can you be the first to name this location within 1 mile (e.g. Interstate/exit#, google map etc) via comment? I’ve already provided one hint in this post and welcome yes/no questions to help pin it down.

(treo post, please pardon spelling/grammar)

UPDATE 09-18-07: Wow, I didn’t expect this to be solved so quickly. Evidently that giant gator sticks in your subconscious more than I thought. Congrats to gc (if you have an active blog, I’ll link it) on getting within a mile the quickest and to Qian for even naming the gas station parking lot where I was standing — great job!

As a test of Google’s My Maps, I’ve created a map just for Where’s Dan Now. You can see a pushpin for WDN #1 here — best viewed in hybrid mode.

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