VCDB: Venture Funds by Keyword, Geography, Assets and Blogs?

Posted by on August 6, 2008 at 10:12 am.

Matt Winn has executed on a mashup idea I’ve had for some time: a VC database, searchable by keyword, partner, location and assets under management. He even has the option of searching for VCs who blog. I’m not sure how he’s accessing the data (scraping NVCA, BOSS, ?) and some of it needs some scrubbing, but the resulting mashup is another great step behind the curtain of raising venture capital.

If you search for Florida venture capital firms you’ll find something like:
florida venture capital(you can see VCDB is missing a Managing Partner and a Venture Partner for our fund)

I really like what Matt’s created and want to encourage/support the “entrepreneur friendly” ecosystem he’s trying to create. Give Matt’s VCDB a spin and help make it better…great job Matt!

(via @magical_trevor)

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