Introducing Med Tech Thursdays, Like a Mini MedTechCrunch

Posted by on September 25, 2008 at 11:08 am.

Given the amount of medical technology being developed in and around Florida, I’ve been looking around for a “MedTechCrunch” to add to my daily reading. To be honest, I haven’t found anything really compelling; but, there should be.  Have you found one?

That led to a discussion with my good friend Mike Schmitt, an MD and Life Science Analyst who knows Florida’s medical device, diagnostic and biotech sector as well as anyone. In fact, Mike is the creator and Editor of the Florida BioDatabase, covered on FVB previously. The result of our discussion is Med Tech Thursday: a guest post each Thursday from Mike on medical technology topics, whether they involve startups, funding, research breakthroughs or Florida’s growing life science ecosystem.  I think Mike’s knowledge and relationships would provide a great foundation for an informative (yes, the domain is available, don’t everyone grab it at once).  

This concept of topic-specific days feels like a nice experiment to organize my blogging hobby — which regular readers know currently flows randomly wherever my mind/work flows.  Therefore, I’m also toying with a weekly schedule of New Media Monday, Info Tech Tuesday, Wildcard Wednesday, Med Tech Thursday and FAQ Friday.  Thus, each day could deliver topic-related posts.  Wednesday is designated as a wildcard day, but I don’t plan to postpone interesting nuggets when they come to me.  If you have specific questions about venture capital or entrepreneurship, share via email or comment and I’ll try answer on FAQ Fridays.  If you have a unique perspective on any of those daily topics, please join the conversation and share comments, or maybe even guest posts, whenever it makes sense.  
Without further ado, here’s an intro from Mike and his first quest post will follow this one — comment early and often!

“I happened to see Dan Rua in January of this year after being a panelist at the Florida Venture Forum in St. Petersburg. Dan told me about his Florida Venture blog along with a number of other blogging sites around the country (TechCrunch, etc.) which prompted me to check out Dan’s site (great job, Dan!). I recently proposed that I do a regular weekly posting directed at the life science industry here in Florida. After much arm twisting and the promise of a free breakfast at Denny’s—Dan agreed to let me give it a try.

By way of introduction, I am currently a life science analyst (grad. of UPenn & Johns Hopkins) and editor of the Florida BioDatabase sponsored by the University of Florida’s Sid Martin Biotech Incubator. This is a comprehensive database that follows the life science industry throughout Florida and includes each biotech company’s business and technology developments along with tracking the flow of investment dollars into Florida life science companies.

I also authored the 2008 Florida Biotech State of the Industry report which appears on the University of Florida SMBI website along with a link to the BioDatabase. I encourage interested readers (“shameless plug here”) to take a look at both of these resources as they offer a wealth of freely accessible information about our statewide life science industry. Kudos go to the University of Florida and the Sid Martin Biotech Incubator (especially David Day and Patti Breedlove) for supporting these valuable projects.

My intention for the weekly guest post is to stay focused on the Florida biomedical industry and cover a variety of topics including start-ups, investment trends, life science technology and economic development. I want to keep it brief and make it fun to read. Short interviews with some of Florida’s “movers and shakers” will be part of the postings.

Thanks Dan and see you at Denny’s.” — Mike Schmitt, MD

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