dan ruaThanks for stopping by. In case we haven’t met before, I’m Dan Rua, Managing Partner of Inflexion Partners, an early-stage venture capital fund based in Florida and focused on the Southeast US. Prior to Inflexion I was a partner with Draper Atlantic, DFJ‘s first east coast fund based in Northern Virginia. Prior to that I co-founded an email software company and was an engineer with IBM’s Networking Software Labs in RTP, NC.

This blog is for sharing stories and discussing entrepreneurs, venture capital, technology, and Florida — particularly when I can provide perspective unique from the typical Boston (B) or Silicon Valley (S) view. Inflexion is my third fund and all my funds have focused on building world-changing companies in regions outside the BS…

All of the thoughts on this site are mine. Inflexion Partners, its affiliated funds, its portfolio companies and its personnel are not affiliated with this blog in any way. That said, you should understand that I have vested interests in: CallMiner, Capitalism, Celsia, Databanq, Family, GAIN, Grooveshark, GTEC, Inflexion, IZEA, Liberty, NVCA, Persystent, RedPath, Technology, UF, UNC, Visible Assets, WeReward & WOMMA — in other words, I’m biased when discussing those topics.

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