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Not-So-Stupid Blog Tricks

Bijan over at BijanBlog got a business presentation by blog — pretty cool! Commenters echoed the idea that blogs can be used for many purposes — not just your typical one-to-many blog fodder.

One of the more innovative uses I’ve seen firsthand was a job application. One job candidate wanted to work for PayPerPost so bad she created a blog just for that purpose entitled “When do I start?“. Posts included:

* Training (because people don’t really have ESP)
* Who loves ya’ baby? Our clients should.
* Global Experience
* Personnel Issues
* Metrics
* No culture shock
* Work-a-holics Anonymous
* Testimonials
* I’ve even assisted in surgery

It was terrific, showing initiative and creativity. Needless to say, she got the job and has been spreading some serious customer love ever sense.

Whether the topics involve monetization, community or journalism, it’s too easy to view blogs as one specific thing. However, they can be many things to many people. In fact, it’s just a publishing engine after all, right? What’s the most innovative use you’ve seen for a blog?

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