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BlogWorld & PostieCon: Will I see you there?

The last time a combo this good came along they named it PB&J. BlogWorld and PostieCon are just around the corner, taking over Vegas from Wednesday November 7th to late, late Saturday November 10th.

Just as Peanut Butter is the anchor of a great PB&J, chock full of goodness (and a few nuts); BlogWorld has a terrific lineup of sessions and speakers. To appreciate the breadth, there are 10+ tracks include Beginners, Advanced, Podcasting & New Media, Entrepreneurs, Monetization, Executives, Sports, Milblogging, Political, Special Interest and Pop Culture. To appreciate the depth, each track has 10+ panels — including one on New Media Fundraising with me, Feld, and Arrington.

And, just as Jelly is the tangy, sweetness in a good PB&J, PostieCon layers on some great flavor with new media monetization talks by David Ponce, Michelle Madhok, Jim Kukral, Shirley Frazier, Sherry Heyl, Sean Jackson and others. There’s even a session where the Fab 5 top earners of PayPerPost share their stories/secrets. The events culminate with the unveiling of PPP’s Argus monster of a release (attendees get early-adopter keys) and the Blogger’s Choice Awards Saturday night at Tao Las Vegas (invitation only). Rosie is the top overall BCA vote-getter so far, will Ross the Intern catch her as the final secret ballot votes are tallied? And don’t forget FVB is nominated: vote FVB for Best Business Blog now!

If you’re already planning to attend, please stop me to say Hi! If you haven’t booked yet, get moving. There are still some great non-stop flights available (I just booked) if you can secure your spot at the conferences. If you attend just one blogging event this year, make it this one, er, two, plus the BCAs — all in Vegas…

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Formula 409A: Cleaning Fluid or Gunk in the Works?

It looks like Brad is about to take on another ugly topic with a deep dive series. Proposed IRS Regulation 409A has gotten a lot of venture capitalists, board members and entrepreneurs spinning the legal meter before January 1, 2006. It relates to calculating fair market value for granting stock options and here’s a taste of how Brad and friends are thinking about it:

“IRS Regulation 409A really sucks. While I’m probably now on some audit watch list as a result of speaking my mind, there really isn’t any other way to state it. Jason Mendelson and I were bitching about this today as we pondered how to deal with it and decided that we might as well try to constructively air our thoughts (and help educate our entrepreneurial and venture brethern on some of the issues) via a 409A Series”

If you haven’t checked out Feld Thoughts yet, you might want to. He doesn’t have the Florida perspective, but on general venture topics he’s one of my favorites…

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