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Cool Graphics Chips, Thanks to Celsia NanoSpreaders


vapor chamber

“Celsia Tehnologies is developing new coolers that will send conventional heat-pipe technology into oblivion”

I like the sound of that, and it’s not even my words. They’re from Theo Valich, who reviewed the recent partnership announced between AMD and Inflexion portfolio company Celsia. The announcement was also covered by Anton Shilov at X-bit labs. Celsia CEO, Joe Formichelli, had this to say about the AMD efforts:

“Working with AMD, we were able to meet all of the design criteria for a new GPU cooler. Namely, it had to be lighter, perform better and be lower cost than the current heat pipe based design. Unlike thermal modules using heat pipes, our two-phase NanoSpreader comes in direct contact with the heat source whereby removing costly, heavy base plates.”

Setting aside all the technology details, Celsia’s vapor chamber innovations mean higher performing graphics processors, which means better graphics, virtual worlds and gaming. Although Moore’s law suggests we’ll continue packing more processing power into chips, keeping that power from burning up your chips, graphics cards and laps will require comparable advances in cooling. Cooler chips = kewler games…

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