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SEBIO Conference: Sharklet Chomps the Shootout

Guest Post by:
Mike Schmitt, MD
Life Science Analyst and Editor of the Florida BioDatabase
Mike can be reached at [email protected]


The annual Southeast BIO Conference (SEBIO) meeting wrapped up several weeks ago in Palm Beach on December 5th.  I was not able to attend due to prior family commitments up north…and by the way—I just returned from a foot of snow in Buffalo—an experience that jogged my memory as to why I live in Florida (I’ll take a jab at my upstate NY friends now, before they once again remind me of hurricane season in June).

Readers may remember I’ve previously written about SEBIO which is a non-profit public/private partnership to promote the development of the life sciences throughout the Southeast.

Florida had 7 companies present at the meeting in addition to having technologies from the University of Florida as well as Florida International University compete in the BIO/Plan Competition.

Of the Early-Stage conference participants (primarily those with no prior institutional funding), 4 of the best companies were selected for an Early-Stage “Shootout” where they had a chance to do a full presentation to all of the investors attending the forum.

I’m happy to say that for the second year in a row, Florida has won the “Shootout” with Sharklet Technologies.  I should also mention that both Sharklet as well as last years “Shootout” winner, Transgeneron Therapeuticsare current residents of the University of Florida Sid Martin Biotech Incubator.  Transgeneron also appeared at this years meeting as a Main-Stage presenter. Needless to say, this reflects well on Florida and the Sid Martin Incubator—congratz to David Day, Patti Breedlove and Jane Muir!

Sharklet is a biotechnology company that develops and brings to market surface technologies (inspired by the antimicrobial properties of shark skin) that are designed to inhibit or enhance microorganism growth to make the world a healthier and safer place.

“We are delighted to have been selected as the winner of the SEBIO Early-Stage Shootout as the win validates that there is significant interest in Sharklet and a pressing need for an environmentally friendly and no-kill strategy for bacterial control in the healthcare market,” said Joe Bagan, Sharklet Technologies’ chief executive officer.

The BIO/Plan Competition (which is intended to identify and support newly created venture-fundable entities in the life sciences) had 10 finalists this year with 3 involving Florida technologies (a good showing). 

This is no small deal as the winner was awarded unrestricted, non-dilutive venture funds (valued at $100,000 in cash and services) to launch the enterprise and implement their business plan.

Here are the 3 from Florida (I don’t think that any of these very early entities have websites yet).

Cardiac BioSolutionsA device company developing revolutionary percutaneous heart valve (PHV) products, such as a more durable artificial aortic valve with the beneficial properties of a natural tissue valve, and a catheter delivery system which can be used with any percutaneous valve (Florida International University).

RibotheronA discovery stage company employing hammerhead ribozymes that block replication of herpes viruses I and II as a novel anti-HSV therapy, initially for corneal infections (University of Florida).

NeuroPoetixA new drug development company that combines insights and advances in stem cell biology and knowledge about the central nervous system (CNS) to significantly progress the development of drugs to treat serious diseases of the brain (University of Florida).

The winner of the BIO/Plan competition was Cerene Biomedics, from North Carolina.

Cerene BiomedicsA device company developing an implantable device to prevent focal epileptic seizures by delivering targeted thermoelectric cooling to the neocortex, anticipated to be first line therapy for many patients suffering from uncontrolled seizures (Duke University).

For the very early stage life science entrepreneurs, it’s time to start thinking ahead as the BIO/Plan application process usually begins in February of each year.  Readers can check out further details at the SEBIO website.

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