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Cloverfield Reviews from 1-15-08 Screenings

OK, blame it on my BLOG260 commitment or my love of ARGs, but this is yet another post about Cloverfield. Specifically, my 1-10-08 Cloverfield review is about to get some blogosphere company from a flood of 1-15-08 screenings — still 3 days before national release.

If you attended one of tonight’s Florida screenings in Tampa, Orlando, Aventura, Jacksonville, or West Palm Beach, I’d like to see/link your review from my prior review. Likewise, if you attended one of tonight’s California screenings in San Francisco, Fresno, Milpitas, or Sacramento, I’d like to do the same. You can notify me by commenting, linking or trackbacking my Gainesville review and I’ll update that post with links to tonight’s reviews.

Thanks and have fun at the early screenings!

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