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Two Million Minutes, One VC’s Wakeup Call

Regardless of nationality, as soon as a student completes the 8th grade, the clock starts ticking. From that very moment the child has approximately –

…Two Million Minutes until high school graduation…Two Million Minutes to build their intellectual foundation…Two Million Minutes to prepare for college and ultimately career…Two Million Minutes to go from a teenager to an adult.

How a student spends their Two Million Minutes – in class, at home studying, playing sports, working, sleeping, socializing or just goofing off — will affect their economic prospects for the rest of their lives.

Bob Compton has been on the investor and entrepreneur sides of the table. He has travelled the globe as a businessman, a tourist, and now as a documentary producer. His film, Two Million Minutes, contrasts the work/study practices (not just Math/Science) of high-schoolers in the USA, India and China and is getting attention by investors, educators and leaders.

One analogy Compton uses is that Indian and Chinese families apply the same passion and dedication to education that many US families reserve for sports — but economic futures for our children and countries will not be determined on a football field, basketball court or baseball diamond.

Not having seen the full documentary, it’s hard for me to comment too deeply. However, I’ve ordered the DVD and, with two young girls, the topic is near and dear to my heart. Check out the trailer, including interviews with VC, friend and edu-philanthropist Tim Draper, entrepreneur and globalization researcher Vivek Wadhwa and others…

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