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Gainesville is Titletown: Back-to-Back National Champs — AGAIN!

titletownJust in time for ESPN’s Titletown contest, Gainesville just landed another back-to-back national title to go along with it’s back-to-back NCAA basketball titles, multiple NCAA football titles and reigning Heisman Trophy Winner, Tim Tebow. Gainesville’s Buchholz High School Math Team just won its second consecutive national championship in Sacramento, CA.

And, they didn’t just win, they dominated. The 29 member team racked up 147 trophies while sweeping all three divisions: calculus, pre-calculus, and algebra/geometry. They won by 450 points, a larger margin than separated 2nd place from 9th place, and the largest margin of victory in the history of the national competition.

Congratulations to head coach Will Frazer and the whole Mu Alpha Theta team:

Mu (calculus coached by Jason Wiggins) – Kevin Fan, David Jia, Jonathan Mei, Mark Simon, Louie Wu, Tony Wu, Jimmy Wong and Shu Zheng.

Alpha (pre-calculus coached by Ziwei “Louis” Lu) – Youjin Jang, John Lu, Daniel Steffee, James Tan, Mariya Toneva, Wenda Ye, Jerome Yoon and Lucy Zhong.

Theta (algebra and geometry coached by Frazer) – Ming Cao, Bob Chen, Hansol Kang, Grace Kim, Brian Li, Jackson Looney, Katherine Qiu, Alexander Sappington, Emily Shroads, Alex Soucek, Kirsten Soucek, George Tedder and Shuyun Xue.

Don’t Tase Me Bro

I was going to let the whole Andrew Meyer tasing brouhaha skip this blog (even though I’m broadcasting from ground zero), but one shining example of crowdsourced capitalism caught my attention. If you don’t already know about CafePress, you should check it out — it’s an awesome combination of creativity and entrepreneurship.

When you do visit, search for “Don’t Tase Me Bro” and get ready for over 300 different t-shirt designs based upon that Freedom of Speech mantra du jour. I’ve included some of my favorites below:

don't tase me bro
don't tase me bro
don't tase me bro
don't tase me bro
don't tase me bro
don't tase me bro

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AxoGen: First Human Nerve Graft Implant

AxoGen, a recent neighbor from GTEC and a company Inflexion came very close to funding, recently announced a significant milestone: the first human nerve graft implant (not autograft, taken from another part of the body). I’ll leave the teaser quotes to their press release, but congrats to Jamie, John and the rest of the AxoGen team. Congrats also to GTEC for incubating and graduating another exciting company that can help so many people!

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GUT II – Even Bigger than Last Time

If you thought GUT I was big, wait until you see GUT II.


Gainesville Underground Technology II is bulging this Thursday, July 26th, 5-8pm. Location is UF, CSE E221.

I am keynoting with a short bit on launching fundable companies, but more importantly, the panel lineup looks great:

  • Monetizing a Web 2.0 Company
  • Best Practices in Web Application Development
  • Advertising 2.0: Consumer Generated Advertising

If you’re anywhere within a couple hours of Gainesville (hello Orlando, Tampa and Jax), make the trip to see what GUT is all about!

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Economic Gardening: Grow Your Own

I just completed reading Alison Trinidad’s coverage of Jacksonville’s “Economic Gardening” in the Florida Times-Union. Although the topic is second nature for venture hotspots, the call to “grow your own” is getting louder across the rest of the country. This is from the article:

“It’s called economic gardening. The philosophy centers on growing existing business within a region through planting entrepreneurship seeds, nurturing them and waiting for them to grow.”

Pretty simple concept, but hard for many to prioritize above business attraction — particularly for elected officials who benefit from the sound bites and ribbon cuttings of a newly recruited manufacturing or distribution center.

My town, Gainesville, understands the long-term investment; and it sounds like the Jacksonville Chamber is at least saying the right things:

“We can create as much economic impact by growing existing business as [by] hunting for new ones,” said Bob Baldwin, senior vice president of the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce. “[Small] business is the largest developer of net jobs and less likely to leave a community. … Hunting tends to get more publicity because we [gardeners] are creating jobs one at a time vs. 1,000 jobs in one shot.”

The article described the components of Economic Gardening as Communication, Infrastructure and Network. I think Economic Gardening requires what all gardening does:

  • Seeds: creative ideas and commercializable research
  • Food: entrepreneurs, management and technologists to feed the seeds
  • Water: a networked venture ecosystem of talent, accountants, attorneys, incubators and space
  • Sunlight: funding sources to deliver fuel/energy/guidance to budding sprouts

What about your city? Are they talking about growing businesses or attracting them?

GUT: Gainesville Underground Technology

Steve/Colin: you guys can relax now. GUT was a success, big success, like “I can’t wait for GUT 2” success.

For those of you who weren’t there Wednesday night, the guys behind Orangeply pulled together a great unconference in Gainesville — for the underground tech set. The speakers were informative and entertaining. The panels were open conversations and packed with juicy digital music and news distribution nuggets.

If you couldn’t attend, the comic below hits the highlights. If that’s not enough for you, I guess you’ll just have to join us next time.

GUT: Gainesville Underground Tech

I’ve also attached one of GUT’s assigned viewings below — Steve Jobs’ Stanford graduation speech (nice tip Todd):

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