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SEOmoz: SEO Expert Quiz

I’ve gotten to know Rand Fishkin a little bit and I’m impressed with his evolution of SEOmoz. The site looks very different than when I first found SEOmoz, bursting with search engine nuggets, entertaining blog posts, SEO tools and premium content — all within an elegant design.

I’m no SEO expert so I won’t claim Rand’s intel is any better than others, but he’s got plenty of it. So much good stuff, in fact, that even his Premium Member signups are growing quickly — in a world overflowing with free “SEO expert” advice, that’s an impressive feat.

I haven’t blogged about SEOmoz before, but their 75-question seoquiz caught my attention today (kudos to Jeff Pollard & Scott Willoughby who put it together). It is both entertaining and informative for beginner and expert SEO topics — particularly post-test when correct answers are explained. Here was my seoquiz result:

I’m surprised I got a 73% on the quiz, SEO Professional, and missed SEO Master by just a couple bone-head answers — as I said, I’m no SEO guru. If you try it out, let me know how you do…

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PPP Direct Makes it a TechCrunch Baker’s Dozen

In honor of TC’s lucky 13th post about PayPerPost, most with some Mike Arrington swipe at PPP or Ted Murphy, I’ve created the “Be Like Mike” game below. Although TechCrunch and PPP compete for the same social media advertising dollars, Ted and Mike are like the “Odd Couple” of the web and have helped each other build industry-leading companies.

The PPP Direct transaction widget really disrupts the industry PPP created last year, enabling bloggers to cut direct sponsorship deals without the 100% markups of some PPP copycats. I was going to provide an in-depth review of the announcement, but honestly couldn’t do much better than Andy Beard did in his post “PayPerPost Direct Changes the Paid Review Landscape“. The Digg of Andy’s post also includes some comments worth reading for anyone impressed with the quality of Andy’s review. As much as I like Mike and appreciate his coverage, I’d love to see more TechCrunch reviews at Andy’s depth. Maybe I should make a game called “Be Like Andy”? I just did…

Hat tip to Amit for PicToGame.

UPDATE 05-29-07: Talk about synchronicity(?). Arrington jumped on the customized game meme less than 24 hours after my post above. PlayMyGame is another entry in that space and I expect more. I can’t wait to see this functionality combined with StripGenerator to allow personalized SouthPark strips/movies or the like.

I’ll call this game “Be Yourself” and you can guess whose face is under all that cake:

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