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Twitter Icons for Halloween or Helloween?

Whoa…I just noticed some slick Halloween icons float thru my twitter feed and chased down these tweets from J. Adam Moore:

Whoa, I just shat a bunch of halloween icons all over my twitter page.

I feel like

Twitter helloween icons

twitter icon - bat >o<
twitter icon - frankenstein [:-]-I-
twitter icon - witch <|:~(
twitter icon - mummy (|:|/)
twitter icon - skull 8-#
twitter icon - gravestone +-(
twitter icon - pumpkin `O
twitter icon - moon ( | )
twitter icon - cat ∑:*)
twitter icon - werewolf }:o{
twitter icon - vampire :-[
twitter icon - zombie X-/
twitter icon - spider ////Ö\\\\
twitter icon - ghost [TBD]

Slick! I want more twitter icons

UPDATE: It appears Hajime KOBAYASHI is involved somehow, as the Halloween twitter image table is hosted on his site. Get ’em while they’re hot, as they may not be around long.

UPDATE 10-31-08: I’ve found some additional icons, like twitter icon - ghost, although I don’t know the keystrokes. Comment here if you figure them out…

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