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Awash in Social Graphs and News Feeds, Happy Birthday felt great!

karaokeYesterday was my birthday and it was good. My wife and girls treated me to a great lunch, a great dinner, a sparkler-filled Krispy Kreme donut cake and plenty of presents along the way. They even gave me an early present last week, allowing for some family Wii karaoke on the tail of Christmas vacation.

Interestingly, however, when my wife told me “Happy Birthday” before I left for work yesterday, she wasn’t the first. You see, one of my blog readers, “Mark”, beat her to it with a 12:30am Skype. I also had multiple early morning well-wishers from various social networks.

Friends in California who I see maybe once a year even beat my dad and brother to the punch — and I talk to those guys almost daily.

Although I feel buried by social graph feeds and worry about personal data privacy, birthday wishes throughout the day felt good. It’s just one of the simple pleasures of perpetual connectedness.

In thanks for all the birthday love, here’s an interesting online find: Hey There Delilah via online karaoke, including recording, saving and sharing…enjoy!

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