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Best Video for Wii Internet Channel?

What is the best HD video option for the Wii Internet Channel? The Wii is a great way to watch video on our HD flat-screen, but it feels like the category could be much better served by a Wii-optimized site. Right now we’re surfing YouTube and Stumble’s Wii-specific video channel — but surfing remains clunky and quality is poor (e.g. YouTube low quality is magnified on large screens). Kudos to Stumble for a good first try.

If you know of a better solution, I’d like to know — even if it involves Wii Hacks. If you’re a video hosting site and want a new angle — creating the best Wii HD Video Channel interface could be worthwhile. Particularly if Apple TV gets more buzz and all those Wii owners realize they already have it…

Stage6 Killed so DivX Could Thrive?

Well, no sooner did I tout the growth and value of HD streaming site and they decide to close up shop. It could be my rationalization, but it sounds like they were a victim of their own success. According to some sources the combination of traffic, copyright policing and board greed (nixing a spin-out funding deal), led to a decision to shut down. I’m guessing deal negotiations also broke down when new investors wanted reps & warranties about copyright liability.

On the surface, shutting such a property down doesn’t make much sense…someone is probably too busy with the DivX-inside business model to mold the right Stage6 deal (including all the copyright complexity). But, sometimes such focus makes perfect sense…[UPDATE: especially if the core team is gone]

Jordan, I’m still interested in talking if you are…I’m guessing you’ve got something interesting in the worx…

UPDATE: TechCrunch provides a blow-by-blow on the Stage6 drama. As an early investor in DivX along with Frank Creer and others, I sure hope it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. There is still a lot of value in that property…

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