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USB Turntable: Rip Your Vinyl


turntableYou might call this an Old-to-NewMediaMonday post, bridging LPs to digital tracks. A couple months ago I found an old LP on eBay, composed by my grandfather (Jules Lavan) who used to be a big band/jazz composer. I hit ‘Buy Now’ and waited for it to arrive, and waited (it took awhile).

When it arrived, I was proud to show my daughters their great grandfather’s name on the album cover, but bummed when they asked to hear it — we don’t own a turntable. Since that time I’ve been looking for a simple turntable I could plug into my laptop to play LPs and convert them to digital. Beyond Jules’ LP, my dad has crates full of vinyl that I’d love to share with my kids. KISS, Bootsy – Funkadelic, Eagles – Hotel California, Styx and even Cheech and Chong sit silent until I can unlock the crackle and pop of their voices on vinyl.

Well, I’m happy to say my kids and I may be singing “Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto” this Christmas. I found this USB turntable thru one of FVB’s sponsors. It’s going on my Christmas list and I’m guessing my Dad would like one too. If you or your parents have a box of old LPs that are just gathering dust, or you’re an aspiring digital DJ who wants to capture some old-school sound, this might also be the answer.


Let me know if you give it a try. Ripping sounds pretty straightforward. I’m curious how the vinyl sound translates to digital…and welcome any tips to retain the original richness.

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