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Are the Dots Painting a Picture?

This article from the Miami Herald, about biotech/Scripps, makes another mention of legislative interest/support for more local venture capital:

“Atwater believes legislation will be offered in the next 60 days to help remedy the problem. It will come in the form of state-supported venture capital, subsidized laboratory space or some modification of existing incentive programs, he said.”

Let’s hope these dots connect to form a picture of more seed/early-stage money for Florida entrepreneurs. We shall see…

VC Guberteaser?

It looks like Jeb has something coming for entrepreneurs. In announcing a FL Space agenda, there was this VC snippet:

“Not in today’s budget proposal but coming soon: a request to expand a current $10 million “closing fund” the governor has broad discretion to use to lure new business ventures to Florida, and a venture capital fund to help launch new companies.”

Details to come…

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