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History of Blogging

The human atom splitter, Steve Spalding, invited me to participate in his latest social media experiment: Given the various ideas we’ve kicked around in the past, I wasn’t sure how serious he was. Low and behold, he took action and has pulled together a diverse network of quality bloggers with common threads of technology and entrepreneurship. If you like what you read here, you should check them out and/or subscribe — and if you haven’t subscribed to FVB yet, what’s the holdup?

HoB member blogs include:

How To Split An Atom

Author: Steve Spalding

How To Split An Atom is a weblog that explores the intersections of Social Media, Marketing and Culture all taken from the slant of the so called New Web.

On it we look at the entrepreneurs, memes, and other odds and ends that make up the digital economy.

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The Geekette Speaketh

Author: Charo Nuguid

Hello! I’m the Head Geekette. At least, that’s how I’m known in cyberspace.

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Broadcasting Brain

Author: Mark Dykeman

Exploring and broadcasting from the sweet spots at the intersections of:

* communication and perception
* popular culture, social media, and commerce
* creativity and content creation

Our brains are powerful assets as we broadcast our thoughts, opinions, ideas, and feelings into the blogosphere and across the Web.

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Sellsius Real Estate Blog

Author: Joseph Ferrara

Sellsius covers all aspects of real estate, with a focus on marketing and new technology. The goal is to inform in an entertaining way. There are tips, new trends, consumer news and a heavy dose of humor. You may see something unusual from time to time because we like to color outside the lines.

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Florida Venture Blog

Author: Dan Rua

A running perspective on Florida’s growing tech and venture community, with an occasional detour to the Southeast/national scene, venture capital FAQs and maybe a gadget or two….

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Instigator Blog

Author: Benjamin Yoskovitz

Blogging provides me a way of expressing my thoughts on startups, entrepreneurship and business, as well as diving into social media, blogging and online communities. It’s a great way to build relationships and maintain contact with friends and colleagues all over the world.

I’m located in Montreal, Quebec Canada.

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Thinking Serious

Author: Elmer Thomas

This blog provides programming, design, business and productivity content for tech entrepreneurs living in a 2.0 world.

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history of blogging
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