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Enter the IOS Matrix

I’ve shared some fun web mashups before, but they grow/improve daily. John Musser over at ProgrammableWeb has built a terrific resource site on Web 2.0 as a Platform — or, as I see it, the coming Internet Operating System (IOS) — and your mind goes hyphy on what is possible. Although Web 2.0 is often defined by user data generation such as blogs, podcasts etc., larger Web 2.0 ramifications are likely to come from synergistic linking of data & APIs. The platform is still playing with one hand behind it’s back because only a handful of companies recognize the value of releasing their APIs today — but that will change.

I encourage you to checkout ProgrammableWeb and have fun with John’s tool: Web 2.0 Mashup Matrix. It may become the software catalog for tomorrow’s IOS…

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