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What is the Meaning of Life? Ask Yahoo!

When Yahoo and Google each launched their Answers platforms I was cautiously optimistic. I mean, where better to ask “What is the meaning of Life?” in hopes of distilling insight from a world of perspectives.

Since those launches, Yahoo has done better than I expected, while Google has done worse (AKA, dead). This post isn’t about comparing the two services, but I will note that Yahoo Answers benefited from a more social atmosphere (helping instead of consulting) and recently launched even more social aspects.

Although I’ve watched, I never actually asked or answered a Yahoo Answers question until today. In learning more about the service, I provided answers to a couple softball questions:
1) What is Venture Capital?
2) What advice would you give a start-up company?

In exchange for doing so I received 2 “points” for each answer, with the potential for more points if my answers are chosen as the best. I haven’t used the service enough to know why I should be excited about these points, but the potential for focused knowledge sharing is exciting enough.

If you haven’t tried Yahoo Answers you might want to, particularly if you can share some insights on the Meaning of Life, only 3 days left!

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