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Will Mutiply Fly?

I felt it appropriate to start this Florida Venture Blog with some kudos to Peter, Michael and the rest of their team at — a Florida, blog-related story of serial success. I first met those guys in the late ’90s when they were building and allowed me to stop compiling fantasy baseball stats from USA Today for my league. It was a life saver that my league still uses.

Since that time they changed the face of fantasy sports with their Sportsline merger and launched their second company,, to integrate content sharing, blogging, podcasting, and vblogging, all over a social messaging/search framework. Their vision is ambitious, but they’ve created something pretty interesting along the way. The space has gotten crowded with players doing a subset of what Multiply does, so an open question is whether their social messaging/search paradigm will prevail. For now, they closed venture funding in Q4 from TransCosmos and are balancing functionality, revenue and userbase priorities.

I use the site to share with my family, my daughter’s soccer team and my daughter’s class — each with their own networks and permissions. I would have used it for the Florida Venture Blog — if I could have hosted at my own domain. 8-(

Good job guys and keep up the good work — from Florida!

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