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Even the Cloverfield Monster Does Endorsements

shlusho shirtMaybe it’s because I’ve seen the power of respectful, well-done product placements, but I noticed a few brands (when my eyes weren’t shut) at my recent pre-screening of Cloverfield. Kudos to those marketers who managed to secure prime brand placement without hurting the story in the middle of a first-person war zone formerly known as Manhattan. Also, thanks for helping support such great entertainment!

The brands I noticed and when:
Sephora: Rob leans against Sephora building with brand above his shoulder, just as his phone dies;
Nokia: Rob cries it out on a subway bench with Nokia by his side;
Aquafina: Rob pries Aquafina machine with crowbar as brand swings toward camera;
Mountain Dew: this shot seemed the longest (maybe cuz I Do the Dew daily), behind/above Marlena as she tends to her wounds (was this the same machine Rob previously pried open?)
PayPerPost: written with sharpie on Cloverfield Monster’s forehead as Hud gets a close-up 😉
Slusho (if you count ARG IG brands): Jason’s t-shirt at the party [above image credit:]

I’m sure there were plenty more (I think Bonine was subliminal), but at least those above pulled off some monster product placements. If you saw others, please share what/when via comments…

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