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Google’s PageRank Patent in Jeopardy?

pagerank patentJohn Duffy has written an intriguing article over at PatentlyO about a set of recent cases/decisions putting all software patents running on general purpose computers in question; using Google’s PageRank patent to demonstrate what’s at stake. There’s been a running debate in IP circles whether software patents would hold long-term, and as more online innovation focuses on just collecting and combining data in new ways, the attacks on software patents are getting more precise.

John shares some cases/quotes of note including:

In re Bilski: “[USPTO] takes the position that process inventions generally are unpatentable unless they ‘result in a physical transformation of an article’ or are ‘tied to a particular machine’.”

Ex parte Langemyr
: “Any and all computing systems will suffice, indicating that the claim is not directed to the function of any particular machine. … Thus, the claimed method is not tied to ‘a particular machine,’ but rather is tied only to a general purpose computer.”

Ex parte Wasynczuk
: “the sole structural limitation recited is the ‘computer-implemented system’ of the preamble” and that limitation “is not any particular apparatus” because the computer could be “essentially any conventional apparatus that performs the claimed functions.”

If you’re in the software business, this is a topic worth watching…

RankSpank Makes Me Laugh…What’s Your RealRank?

As a VC you get to live vicariously through your portfolio companies. Sometimes that is exhilarating, other times it is frustrating, and quite often it’s just plain funny. This morning, I’m laughing.

Given some of GOOGopoly’s moves in late 2007, more and more bloggers and advertisers are realizing that PageRank has no direct correlation to traffic and pageviews. A link-savvy PR5 site can have ~100 visitors and plenty of PR0 sites have thousands of visitors. Alexa tries to improve on this with sampling estimates for traffic, but it’s common knowledge that sampling errors and gaming drive a wedge between Alexa stats and reality.

Being in the social media marketing business, IZEA saw this as a problem and an opportunity. The result was RealRank, an open ranking system based upon real visitors, pageviews and active links (e.g. links that actually refer people rather than hidden on footers etc.). was launched with RealRank tools and reporting. So, how do you let the world know when you’ve got a better mousetrap? Well, one way is the town crier of our time: funny videos.

Kudos to Veronique, Ashley, Travis, Scott, and even champagne bubbles Ted, for a very professional music video. Keep them coming and keep having fun Alpha Now Live: Open Analytics Arrives

It was announced earlier today that has been released in alpha. Ted’s post at the IZEA blog provides plenty of context, including details on the open analytics, smooth graphs, and API. In short, social media deserves a transparent ranking system that measures true traffic and influence, based upon primary data (via on-site analytics) rather than audience inferences (via in-browser) or mysterious backlink algorithms. RealRank is that ranking system and more IZEARanks will be coming (like ROIRank: measuring true ROI for social media marketing). Go register your blog now, or checkout others…and help make the open analytics even better…

I think a tease of eye-candy is in order:Congrats team on the alpha release…and good luck with the alpha bug reports and feature requests 😉

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