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Congrats to local AJAX cage-fighters Taylor McKnight and Chirag Mehta — for mashing together the hot site of SXSW 2008: Last year’s SXSW love child was Twitter, this year was Sched.

Sched’s simplicity and on-the-fly find/group scheduling picked up a couple thousand members during the conference — and coverage by Wired, TechCrunch, and Silicon Alley Insider along the way (see Techmeme). It didn’t hurt Sched buzz that the site was developed in only 14 hours (after some early McKnight prototyping).

Sched isn’t the first McKnight & Mehta joint — Chime.TV is another, delivering TV-like usability for net video. Taylor also helped create PodBop with Daniel Westermann-Clark. Keep ’em coming guys!

UPDATE: A mobile version is in such high demand that Michael Galpert even kicked off to get McKnight & Mehta an iPhone via this widget — I’ll toss some change in that hat:

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