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The Police

This isn’t one of those inside-music VC posts that lists 3 new bands you’ve never heard of playing Greenwich Village this weekend. Although I love those posts, this post is about a band most VCs probably even know: The Police.

One of my portfolio companies, PayPerPost, just closed a great partnership with Universal Music Group and PPP is being used to launch the new 30th Anniversary Police CD and Tour (see Police tickets). For a VC who grew up listening to the Police and watching black-and-white “Every Breath You Take” videos on MTV, this is a cool new portfolio customer.

Go ahead, check out this track list and just try to avoid singing the tunes in your head:
Disc 1
1) Fall Out
2) Can’t Stand Losing You
3) Next to You
4) Roxanne
5) Truth Hits Everybody
6) Hole in My Life
7) So Lonely
8) Message in a Bottle
9) Reggatta de Blanc
10) Bring on the Night
11) Walking on the Moon
12) The Bed’s Too Big Without You
13) Don’t Stand So Close to Me
14) Driven to Tears
15) Canary in a Coalmine

Disc 2
1) Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
2) Voices Inside My Head
3) Invisible Sun
4) Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
5) Spirits in the Material World
6) Demolition Man
7) Rehumanize Yourself
8) Every Breath You Take
9) Synchronicity I
10) Wrapped Around Your Finger
11) Walking in Your Footsteps
12) Synchronicity II
13) King of Pain
14) Murder by Numbers
15) Tea in the Sahara

They’ve put together a pretty informative and interactive site, including a store, discography, tour info and pointers to the Police MySpace and Fan Club sites. If you dug Sting before he got all solo acoustical, you might want to check out this anniversary CD. I expect it will bring back some memories or spark some old questions — like “who was in charge of wardrobe for that early garbage dump video of theirs?”

(charity post: PPP has donated proceeds from this post to Habitat for Humanity on my behalf)

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