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That Just Happened — SocialSpark that is…

What does that do, does that blow your mind? That just happened!”

~ Ricky Bobby

That is IZEA‘s announcement today of (codenamed Argus) — the future of online advertising. Ricky Bobby’s quote to Jean Girard kept running through my head as I watched Ted and Pete demo the world’s first advertiser social network, complete with first-of-its kind face-based analytics, advertiser-blogger friending and feedback, multi-dimensional social media advertising, and ROI-focused reporting and tracking.

I can’t believe how much stuff is in SocialSpark. What I can believe is that the platform brings value to every publisher and every advertiser who cares about social media. Every blogger in the world can gain value from SocialSpark’s face-based analytics, regardless of their plans around monetization. Every advertiser in the world can gain value from SocialSpark’s blogger search and demographic-based targeting to kickstart and/or manage their social media relationships.

Imagine, as a blogger, being able to contact any brand of interest to share feedback and your interest in their products. Imagine, as an advertiser, being able to measure brand and direct marketing across multiple domains (e.g. not just Facebook, MySpace or others) with real-time reporting on current ROI and expected ROI as conversations builds across the net. There simply hasn’t been anything like this, and I’m not even spilling the beans on RealRank and ROIRank — measurements of true value and influence.

Shake-and-bake baby, shake-and-bake!

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