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Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist…er Business and Asset Consolidator

I’ve seen people make money in a lot of ways in this world. The MOJO show Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist reminded me of that fact. I thought I was going to see a show about venture capital, but that’s not quite what was on the screen. Upon further research, the show website shares that Bobby’s company is a Business and Asset Consolidator.
Now I don’t know Florida-based Bobby Genovese (although I think Barbados is the legal home of his business), but I have to hand it to the guy. Somehow he convinced MOJO to run a venture capital reality show about him and his company, BG Capital; with the following portfolio:

  1. The Neptune Society: a pre-funded cremation service
  2. Clearly Canadian: OTC stock, enhanced water company
  3. Neptune Memorial Reef: a manmade reef off the coast of Key Biscayne, with the following benefits/uses:
    • A memorial garden for the cremated remains of our dearly departed.
    • The world’s largest and most enchanting man-made reef.
    • An environmental and ecological masterpiece.
    • A world-class destination for divers and explorers.
    • A place for commemorating mankind’s accomplishments.

He seems like a pretty personable guy and he definitely knows how to live the high life. If you haven’t seen his show, give it a look. It’s no Rockstartup, but it will get your head out of Web 2.0 and remind you that there are diverse people and businesses making money out there…

UPDATE: I checked Bobby’s company site (rather than the TV series site) and found some additional portfolio companies. For example, he’s backed the Vancouver International Polo Team. It sounds like he’s quite the polo player:

“Even more remarkable is the talent of Genovese himself. Although an accomplished equestrian, he wasn’t introduced to the sport until 1995 when he took his first lesson. Much to the surprise and delight of both teacher and student, Genovese proved to be a natural.”

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Floridian Judging Next "American Inventor"

Clearwater, FL native, runner-up on “The Rebel Billionaire” and inventor of Spanx body shapers, Sara Blakely, recently spoke with the Tampa Tribune about her experience judging “American Inventor“. She worked with Simon Cowell, George Foreman, Peter Jones and entrepreneur Pat Croce on the show’s second season.

I remember being excited about “American Inventor” when it was first announced, but I only saw one episode. I was hoping it was about entrepreneurs and startup companies, but it was really about wacky inventions. As with all those reality shows, it’s about entertainment.

This season sounds like no exception. As a venture capitalist, I see a lot of crazy ideas, but this quote sums up what we might expect from season two:

“We saw a man who had invested $1 million to create a new superhero, The Cougar,” Blakely said. “He showed up with his friend dressed from head to toe in the all-black ‘The Cougar’ costume. It was weird. Another man invented what was basically a wheel, and when we told him that it had already been done, he started yelling at us.”

Here’s a couple videos for all you inventors out there — passion is critical, but it ain’t everything:

UPDATE, 06-07-07: The brother of one of the AI contestants commented below and I liked the core idea. How can Greg make it a no-brainer for buyers? Enjoy the video via Jeff at Northstar Thinktank:

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