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Blog260, the Weekend-Lover’s Blog365

BLOG260I’ve seen a couple posts recently about Blog365, a group of bloggers committing themselves to blog every single day of the year (actually Feb 29 is a Blog365 day of rest). I really like the idea and should probably join in.

However, I know myself too well. I get too much enjoyment from my family and my venture investing to give myself zero blogging cushion. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy blogging, interacting with readers and connecting with other bloggers — it’s just a matter of setting realistic goals for 2008. It’s going to be a big year on multiple fronts.

Therefore, I’ve decided to start my own group of one, BLOG260, focused on posting at least 5 times a week. That will likely protect my weekends, but also provide some flexibility for high-travel weeks etc.

If I’m successful, what will this mean for FVB readers? More posts and probably a wider variety of posts. I’m sure plenty of them will be shorter — somewhere between Twitter length and my typical blog posts. I’m hoping more posts will also mean more comments, allowing for more dialogue instead of monologue.

What do you think of this idea? Could you do Blog365 or is BLOG260 more realistic? If you go the BLOG260 route, blog about it and let me know in the comments — I’ll update this post with a list of participating blogs.

Oh, and belated Happy New Year — I’ve already got some catch-up posts to do! 😉

To all the messages I’ve missed before…

While at lunch today I saw an entrepreneur who reached out to me awhile back. He was cool about the lack of follow-up, but I hate that so many messages fall through the cracks nowadays. My New Year’s resolution to clear my inbox monthly has been a complete washout.

I currently have over 11,000 emails in my inbox — just from this year. I’ve driven most phone messages to email and I use RSS-to-email for my subscriptions. That allows me to focus on one inbox, but Facebook messages are starting to become a separate inbox that also needs to merge. You can see from my post dates that it’s not like blogging is getting in the way of inbox triage. I don’t have any great solutions and plenty of others I respect have just declared inbox bankruptcy. I’m not there yet…

If you’ve reached out to me and didn’t hear back, let’s try again. My apologies. Also, if you have inbox-overload ideas that have worked for you, I’m all ears…

UPDATE, 09-11-07: While driving this morning I realized that my inbox overload really kicked into overdrive when I got my first Treo a few years ago. That’s ironic because you’d think always-on connectivity would help clear my inbox. However, the process of reviewing emails on my Treo AND later having them download to my laptop inbox creates an odd triage issue. Specifically, it introduces the problem that I’m not really filing many emails when first read (on Treo), and I’m less motivated to re-read those emails for filing purposes only when they hit my laptop. I could delete emails from the server when pulling from my Treo, but then I’d create two separate filing repositories. Anyway, I thought the irony was interesting and I’m curious how others have handled inbox triage/filing with laptop and smartphones in the mix.

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