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Market Your Blog — On PPP’s Dime

My FVCC recap post mentioned some portfolio work that kept me from a yacht wine tasting and gambling. Some called me crazy, but the tradeoff was well worth it…

PayPerPost launched a monster release that same night including in-post disclosure badges and a variety of segmentation options marketers have been asking for — taking Consumer Generated Advertising to another level of ROI with scalable targeting. I may cover those segmentation options in another post, but I wanted to share a fairly stealth, but powerful piece of that PPP release: “Review My Post” (RMP).

PPP has already been called a virus by some, but they haven’t seen anything yet. RMP is PPP’s proprietary, viral affiliate program (a viriliate program, if you will ;-)) taking DFJ/HotMail’s “P.S. I love you, get your free email account at Hotmail” viral marketing to a whole new, blogosphere level. Now, having grown up in the Draper system, I shutter every time I hear the term “viral” for programs that aren’t truly viral, but are referential at best. I also never quite liked that most viral programs focused on “infecting” people without providing win-win value along the way. Thus, the birth of “Review My Post“.

Every single minute of every single day audiences are reading posts of interest, but less than 1% ever post/trackback their thoughts/perspective. Even that small % is valuable, but greater than 99% of audience feedback/marketing is lost today because there isn’t an institutionalized “call to action” to solicit conversation. I’ve seen the simple act of promising a linkback drive 200+ blog reviews, demonstrating that huge amounts of audience knowledge and perspective are currently untapped. If there was such an institutionalized “call to action”, a blogger would see an explosion of marketing and good/bad feedback to help them hone their craft, grow traffic and bring value to their audiences.

So how does RMP unlock this goldmine in a win-win fashion?
1) A blogger/affiliate inserts the “Get Paid to Review My Post” button into their post template — most likely at the bottom as I’ve done here at FVB so every post is fair game for feedback.
2) An audience member reads one of the blogger’s posts, has some perspective to share, and clicks the RMP button to get compensated for providing that valuable marketing/feedback/linklove at their blog.
3) When that newly referred blogger’s post is approved for affiliate payout, both the referring blogger gets $7.50 and the referred blogger gets $7.50 — pretty simple.
4) Result: Win-Win-Win-Win. Referred blogger gets concrete compensation for sharing their feedback. The referring blogger gets concrete compensation, but even more importantly, gets valuable blog marketing/feedback — all on PPP’s dime. Audiences win because they are introduced to new blogs that interest a blogger they follow and they win by RMP bloggers improving their writing/design/topics. And, last, PPP wins as new bloggers experience the power of blog marketing.

Like all viral offerings, there will be those who try to abuse/game the system, but I’m also confident RMP will unlock value for the entire spectrum of bloggers, large or small. With this value in mind, for the first time ever, PPP has opened their affiliate programs to any blogger, not just those who get paid to blog. Every blogger can benefit from this program — in fact, it’s already happening for Posties and non-Posties alike. The sooner blog templates include RMP, the quicker the feedback loop begins…

So what are you waiting for? Click my ReviewMyPost button and get started!

(charity post: as part of my New Year’s Resolutions to blog for charity, this post has generated an American Red Cross donation on my behalf)
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