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Digital Savvy: Are you in the savvy six (percent)?

On a twip from @bcavoli, I just reviewed Scarborough Research’s “Understanding the Digital Savvy Consumer, An Analysis of the country’s most high-tech consumers: where they live, who they are, what they buy, what they watch/listen to/read

It was an interesting read, with the usual things you might expect about high-tech consumers. Although the Digital Savvy come in all shapes and sizes, making up 6% of the population, I was surprised to see how much I fit the typical profile:

  • Male: check
  • Young: check (OK, a stretch)
  • Affluent: check (another stretch)
  • Single or Married with children: check
  • Entrepreneurial: check
  • Traveler: check
  • Hungry for info online: check
  • Heavy, diverse online spending: check
  • On the go, rely on cell phone: check
  • Download video online: check
  • Heavier radio listener: check
  • Politically independent: check
  • Active & athletic: check

With one glaring exception:

  • In the West geographically: negatory

I did notice one theme that took me by surprise: sports. The top two sites visited by the Digital Savvy in the last 30 days were and I’m a big fantasy sports fan, starting a fantasy baseball league back in 1990, but those sites don’t come close to being my top visits. My guess is they did their research in the heart of fantasy football season.

As free research reports go, this is worth a read. After doing so, I’d love to hear in the comments what findings, if any, were a surprise to you…

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