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Super Duper Blog Tag: Five Things About Me

Owen over at Ugh!!’s Greymatter Honeypot just tagged me on the “Blog Tag: 5 Things About Me” meme. Here are 5 things you may may not already know about me:
1) I’m an avid University of Florida sports fan (and alum), loving the year of the Gator so far. I’m looking for Fiesta Bowl tickets or UF season ticket holders who aren’t making the trip to see the Gators and Buckeyes battle for #1. Any ideas, please email me…
2) PayPerPost wasn’t my most controversial, disruptive investment. That was backing Napster when Shawn & Sean needed some cash to scale beyond a single server. In fact, we were the only fund to make money on Napster — strange but true, for such a world-changing company. Unfortunately, Napster never made the transition PPP made today to maximize value for all constituents.
3) We’re the house in the neighborhood on Halloween and Christmas that annoys the neighbors. Actually, our Christmas decorations are pretty tasteful, but Halloween is downright scary as my daughters get into the act looking very Ring- and Grudge-like.
4) My only two groomsmen when I married my college sweetheart at the Herlong Mansion in 1991 were my dad and brother. I’d choose the same today.
5) I met my “college sweetheart” back in the seventh grade (Oak Grove). Despite my overtures, throughout high-school we were “just friends”, but choosing the same dorm as her for our first UF semester was the smartest investment I’ve ever made 😉

Who started Blog-Tag? Jeff Pulver gets credit this time around, but he also mentioned some bloggers before him (with no link?). It’s a nice way to learn some tidbits behind the keyboard of your favorite bloggers — just enough to keep everyone from flaming Blog-Tag as a big chainblog nuisance (although that’s coming, I’m sure).

I’ll keep the chain going with tags to Jason Baptiste, Steve Spalding, Rich Swier, Peter Pezaris, and Eric Marcoullier.

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