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The Sales Power of Silence


(image credit: WickedNox)

Just a quick post today about silence…

I’m no sales guru, but I’ve been on enough sales calls to experience the power of silence. Salespeople that always feel the need to fill empty conversation space rarely build the rapport or learn as much about their customers as salespeople that are OK with quiet. That rapport and learning translates into relationships and sales.

And lest you entrepreneurs think this post is focused solely on your sales team, silence can also be golden in pitching for venture capital. The entrepreneur that doesn’t let VCs formulate their question that’s really brewing are destined to have superficial conversations that don’t lead to funding. When you present, inject silence on purpose. Unless investors are all smiles and excitement, you need to hear what they’re thinking so you can respond. A bad investor presentation is one spent pitching, instead of conversing.

And I haven’t even touched on the negotiating benefits of silence…

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