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HP’s Ultimate Filmmaker Kit & 3Minutes2Launch Contest

12018_embedMy daughter’s kicking off a webshow, one nephew is a director and another is a parkour nut with his own blog/videos. I guess that explains why the HP contest caught my eye over at SocialSpark. One lucky entrant of 3Minutes2Launch who creates a 3 minute video, enters it in the contest and beats out the competition, will win an internship with ChannelBee and produce a documentary of their experience. The next couple videos provide a bit more detail:

I took a look at some of the entries and I have to say this isn’t your typical mentos & coke mouth explosion phone-cam contest. This is a chance for someone passionate about directing to show their stuff in 3 minutes, 2 launch a film/TV career. Although I know “real” directors aren’t influenced by such material things, HP’s Ultimate Filmmaker Kit looks like a great prize all by itself!

Sponsored by HP

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