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Best Video for Wii Internet Channel?

What is the best HD video option for the Wii Internet Channel? The Wii is a great way to watch video on our HD flat-screen, but it feels like the category could be much better served by a Wii-optimized site. Right now we’re surfing YouTube and Stumble’s Wii-specific video channel — but surfing remains clunky and quality is poor (e.g. YouTube low quality is magnified on large screens). Kudos to Stumble for a good first try.

If you know of a better solution, I’d like to know — even if it involves Wii Hacks. If you’re a video hosting site and want a new angle — creating the best Wii HD Video Channel interface could be worthwhile. Particularly if Apple TV gets more buzz and all those Wii owners realize they already have it…

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