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A list of the Best Cities for Women in Tech just came out, and the showing for Florida cities was embarrassing.   Out of 54 total cities making the list, only one Florida city, Jacksonville, made the list at #53.  According to this survey based upon 2010-2013 US Census data for Jacksonville, women filled just 26% of tech jobs, women in tech earned a median after housing cost of $39,463, 3-year employment growth in tech jobs was -12% (yes, negative), and women earned just 74.3% of their male counterparts.  Congratulations Jacksonville, but boo for Florida as a whole.  I’ve included the full list at the bottom of this post.

We can do better.  We need to do better or risk falling behind as other states and countries figure out how to harness the impact of their female innovators.  It starts early.

I’ll admit, I’m biased.  I have venture-backed multiple amazing female tech entrepreneurs and I have two young daughters who love tech.  In fact, my 11th-grader Delaney was recently selected for a Fellowship by Stanford-based she++, an organization focused on this specific problem/opportunity.  As part of that Fellowship, Delaney kicked off a regional Women in Tech Speaker Series to inspire middle/high school girls and launched The Women in Tech android app to share role model videos to other girls interested in tech worldwide — and ultimately create a peer community to help & push each other in tech.  She’s trying to win a trip to the she++ #include conference in Silicon Valley, to meet female leaders at Google, Yahoo, Facebook and others.  I love it; she++ and similar organizations are having a valuable impact on girls like Delaney across the country.  But, we need more.

So, checkout the she++ Documentary, Good Girls Gone Geek below, download the Women in Tech app (warning: alpha/beta MVP version) and let me know other great efforts you’ve seen on this topic across Florida and the Southeast.  I’d like to highlight them here.

Best Cities for Women in Tech

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