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Best Video for Wii Internet Channel?

What is the best HD video option for the Wii Internet Channel? The Wii is a great way to watch video on our HD flat-screen, but it feels like the category could be much better served by a Wii-optimized site. Right now we’re surfing YouTube and Stumble’s Wii-specific video channel — but surfing remains clunky and quality is poor (e.g. YouTube low quality is magnified on large screens). Kudos to Stumble for a good first try.

If you know of a better solution, I’d like to know — even if it involves Wii Hacks. If you’re a video hosting site and want a new angle — creating the best Wii HD Video Channel interface could be worthwhile. Particularly if Apple TV gets more buzz and all those Wii owners realize they already have it…

Stage6 Explodes Onto the Video Scene (HD Video: House of Flying Daggers)

HD video sharing site has had an impressive first few months. Alexa and Compete graphs tell the same story — explosive growth.


HD makes everything look better, but I wonder how user-generated videos will fare as viewer expectations rise. At least I get to share one of my favorite cinematographic efforts, without YouTube destroying the image quality:

House of Flying Daggers (Shi mian mai fu)

One drawback for users is that the DivX player is required (Stage6 is currently a DivX property). Given the difference in quality, I don’t think that will hinder viewer adoption. In fact, as an early investor in DivX, I love the adoption this will drive.

Jordan, if you’re taking on investors in the Stage6 entity, give me a buzz…

UPDATE, 02-26-08: From exploding to imploding…I guess my message to Jordan didn’t reach him in time…Stage6 will be sorely missed and opens a window of opportunity for others…

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